Welcome to our Virtual Airline
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Welcome to WWBPA

Posted by Norm Richards on 08/29/2018

Welcome to WWBPA: which is the "World Wide Bush Pilots Association".

This is a brand new virtual airline which will be exploring various scenic location from all areas of the world. Here at WWBPA, you will experience low and slow: VFR bush flying at it's best all from all over the world. We offer all the flight excursions in various world scenery in multi-leg tours. Our members fly in FSX, P3D and some even X-Plane using our own custom KACARSII* client software and your flight is tracked as soon as you log in until you shut down. (*KACARS II v1.1.4.0 developed by FS Products (Free Version of FSUIPC-FSX/P3D or XPUIPC-X-Plane is required).   

Our Mission

Posted by Henry Kirk on 08/29/2018

This is a flying organization that is catering to real pilots and those who sim that fly like real ones.  No gamers please. The requirements are high and the rewards are even higher.

To insure this is a bush operation as bush operations have been, you may never use the AutoPilot nor the GPS.  All flight must be made with real weather and start from a cold and dark cockpit and end in a full shut down.  You must taxt to the runway and to the gate.  There are no Jets and you may only fly the specified aircraft or an approved alternate.

We will use ORBX scenery in all areas, and in the Alaska, NWT; we will heavly rely on the free scenery from the nice folks at RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings. 

There is a huge amount of effort in creating these flght legs and therefore every pilot will fly them in order.  We have our own custom interface with the aCARS system and is required. There will be no manual Pireps accepted for any reason.  Landing rates are set not exceeding -400 feet per minute.

Locations of interest are New Zeland, The rockies, European fjords, Alaska and NWT.

Tour legs are typically around an hour each with 10-20 legs making up a tour.  Aircraft include the Cub, DHC-2 and 3, Maule and of course the Twotter (DHC-6) and the favorite twin of the Bush haulers of the 1970's, the DC-3.

We hope you are the the person who appreciates the art of flying,  planning and using traditional Navigation using skyVector charts.  Remember, no moving maps, no GPS not electronic navigation other than the VOR/NDB system.  Please join us for the real deal.

Henry and Norm